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Olivia has been an assistant and intern for the TV show Caffeine and Octane for two years, working under Atlanta producer, Ed Coughlin, to pursue her interest in production.

Story Development

For this feature segment in Caffeine and Octane, Olivia reached out to a college race team to showcase a car they built for less than $2,000. 

Believing this would be a fascinating story for car fanatics and casual viewers alike, Olivia helped produce this segment and interviewed the lead engineer on the team.


Olivia was the PA on set for this feature on Killer Mike’s car collection in season six.


Olivia also works on sponsors and advertisements for Caffeine and Octane. She was made brand ambassador for their most recent sponsor, Husky Tools, working to merge the two companies’ goals for mutual benefit.

When there is an advertisement through commercial or product placement on the show, Olivia works on sending those deliverables to sponsors, ensuring their value to the clients.

Olivia and her fuzzy colleague work community outreach to Caffeine and Octane fans promoting the brand.